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Some Me Time

Since my last post, I have been working on those four canvases that I had no agenda for at the moment. Of course all of that time was not spent on them. I had to get some ‘me’ time in there somewhere.

I play Animal Crossing New Horizons and for some time, like a lot of people, had not played for months. Then I find out a new update was on the way with some features that really sounded intriguing. So I decided to fire up the game, kill some cock roaches, pick weeds and get ready for the update. All while my villagers are telling me how much they missed me and how I must have ‘fallen off the edge of the earth‘ (not really, but they did give me a word or two about my absence and my snooties gave me mean looks).

One of the new features is having the option of villagers inside your home. I have found on a couple occasions, hard to get them out once they are in for the visit. Sometimes they will follow you from room to room and really make themselves comfy with book reading…in every room. I’m either ready to quit the game or finish up on some of my daily tasks, they seem to have no intention of leaving. I realize by now that continuing to talk to them in hopes they will say it’s been fun but time to go on their own, never comes. So I do this…

That was a few days ago and I had to do it again a couple days later with another villager.

The update is nice. It has made the game fun to play again. Maybe I’ll share more adventures ahead although I’m not good at staying on top of that. I play, not share…but we’ll see.


DMV Time

It’s the end of the month and that time has come

Registration renewal, DMV was packed and them some

I walked on in and hung my head to the floor

The first stop was a line stretched back to the door

The information desk I go, to say why I’m there

That was done quickly, without much despair

I received my number, found my way to a seat

Took out my PSP, played games with a beat

Every now and again, lifting my head to look around

So many faces…some smiles, but more with a frown

Time ticked away, from beginning to an hour

Quiet it was…children there, but not one scour

Not long past the hour, my number is called

Strolled I to the counter, not in the least appalled

The time with the agent was done very fast

On my way out the door, DMV time was past

Out Of Place

Just When You Think

I haven’t really felt focused lately and feeling a little disconnected or dismantled. It’s like the pieces are all there but then I realize it’s a puzzle and I have to put them into place….instead of things falling into place. Out of frustration, I wasn’t seeing things that were right in front of me….but then, that’s how a puzzle works. I was starting to get down on myself pretty hard as in feeling sorry, nothing’s getting done.

Then out of the blue, I get three likes on a post I had published….actually the previous post. There was fstopfun, Dawn’s Stalker, and iGameMom. I really appreciated that they let me know they liked what I had designed….I needed that. Little did I know that was the beginning of things I really needed. I stumbled upon a post by way of StumbleUpon and it was really intriguing…an eye opener if you will. It helped me to reconnect with me, and from there I went over here where Getting Things Done was helpful even though I’m not a tech geek, I was able to identify with a lot of that because of the geek in my personality.

Things aren’t really as bad as I think they are….I think I’ve been having trouble just being me. Now I have to get and stay focused, work the puzzle and put things into place….and see the progress along the way. And the next time stuff happens….I’ll say again…

…..and keep  #workinon that puzzle.

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