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Thanks Mom

I called my mom early this morning to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. She said I was the first to reach her and that it was ok because she had to get up anyway. The times we talk as usual lead to other topics. I’m going to Ohio in July and it will be good to see her.

Like a lot of moms, my mom made sure I knew how to take care of myself, like cooking, cleaning, laundry. Of course as a teenager you’re not into learning those necessities of life. I don’t do too bad these days….thanks to mom.

It is always a treat catching up with my mom. We laugh and talk and she sounds younger than ever. I still get good advice and she is good at listening.

My mom has always been a big part of my life and I will never take that for granted. I often look back on her guidance and know today that raising children is no easy task. Love, gratitude, thankful, appreciation, are just grains of sand in describing how much I appreciate my mom….love you mom!


Grand Is The Warrior

She is my strength

Advisor in truth and

Understanding, all before

I even have a chance

To experience myself.

Her demeanor is courage

Her battles hard

And some long,

They sway her not

From what must be done.

Her mind is steadfast

Thoughts true and sure,

Tells it like it is

Or soft and sweet

To comfort.

She is Grand

to me

the Warrior.

Hi Mom, I called you yesterday but you must have been out having a good time…good for you.

Well, I didn’t leave a message but was going to call later, started writing this poem but fell asleep before finishing. Now that it’s done…

Happy Mother’s Day

Love you Mom…gonna call after I email this to ya.


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