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Teaching Tools


Our public school system has taken on changes over time that may have benefited those intended to teach…or not. I recently heard Robin Meade on HLN report that a public school system’s teaching (not all) staff in Atlanta had ‘fudged’ test results in order to make it look like the students and faculty were achieving more than they actually did. This also gave the teachers an increase in their pay. The question coming out of this was…wouldn’t you want to know if your child was not learning as he or she should be?

I do believe that this is not a practice taken on nationally in our public school system, but I would also have to say I believe it is not isolated. So what are they teaching?….that’s it’s not okay for the students to cheat in learning, but the teachers will do it for you. It is disheartening for the students, faculty and the education system. These kids have been damaged by the carelessness of a select few, but with lasting affects that is sure to leave a mark in the hearts and minds of these kids…even those not directly affected by this.

There is no perfect manmade solution, no perfect school system, no perfect student nor is there a perfect teacher. God, the Perfect One has given us the perfect solution, and that is the world in which we live.

Any and everything we need to learn is in our everyday living…..math, science,  biology, history, social skills….you name it. Now I will say that even though it is a perfect solution, it is not a perfect world…but that’s ok because it is we who have shaped this perfect solution into what it has become.

Some parents want to shield their kids from the world and its events in order to keep them safe. But these same kids will not live in the classroom, but they will live in the world and not learning from the world in some way, they will be lost.  I do understand fears due to what is happening in the world today, but are our schools that much safer?….and I’m leaving out the shootings that have taken place.

Teaching tools are in our everyday living and the best school for learning is our World Class. So am I saying to keep the kids out of the public schools? No but I am saying that home schooling or unschooling looks pretty good….

Out Of Place


Is It Really Worth It?

Sometimes when I’m sitting here at my work station, I wonder if what I am doing is really worth it. I spend hours upon hours designing, making changes and then when I think I’m happy with the finished product, more changes are made. There are times when I wander to check mail or just to browse, resting on a spot or two in envy when I read how luck shines on someone and they have an opportunity to make it big.

I would like to be successful in my work but I get discouraged and I feel as if all of this is such a waste of time. It’s been about two years since I’ve filed for my copyright and received the document in the mail last year. I was so excited to see it and was encouraged to continue on. As time rolled on, disappointment settled in once again. This is not unusual I’m sure….to be on this roller coaster ride because success does not come without up and downs.

Will I be as successful as I dream to be? Will all of my hard work pay off in the end? If I stay the course, only time will tell. Besides, in the end who has the right to say if success has truly laid a path for me….even if my name is not in the lights?

Is it really worth it?… betcha!

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