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Inner Ear Delight

The sound is translucent

The inner ear

Has caught a sound,

Its sting is of a

Melodic melody of melodies.

The inner ear is abuzz

Tingling in delight

Almost to frenzy

The body twitches


To this pleasure

Translucent except to

Inner ear delight

My submission to Poetry Potluck

I Keep A Picture

As I go throughout days,

I see you as work

Swallows me.

There you are when traffic


Times I feel so


I close my eyes and


Is the face that

Brings a smile

Or more than a few.

It is not always

That I see you,


When the moment arises,

It pleases me.

To the Reader

This is written for


Read yet again

Save this.

Someone comes to


Matters not living or


Baby born,

A sibling, an uncle

Or maybe an aunt

Can’t forget the


younger and elder

There is a friend,

Dear and sweet.

A husband A wife

A Love Like No Other.

Read again,

Who do U see?

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Thursday Poets Rally

In All Sincerity

Many of you have visited my blog and commented on my poetry. Some of you I have been to your blogs as well, and others regretfully I have not visited.

There are reasons but no real excuse for this happening. It pains me that I have fallen so far behind.

Some of you know, through my other blog that me and TheWife have gotten back together after a three year separation. Well, things are definitely different…not necessarily in a bad way, but in ways that have changed….The Man Cave.

The man cave is no longer…..I don’t even think I can call it a den. The atmosphere is not as it once was was when I freely pecked away at the keys with my thoughts clear and profound!

Now, I find myself struggling to write in the same room I have been in. It’s different but understandably so…I guess I wasn’t ready for the emotional change it would take on my writing. With the addition of the netbook, there is more motion involved although I can’t seem to escape this funk that I’m in. It’s weird because I’m not really having a bad time.

I’ll just have to make some adjustments.

I do truly apologize to everyone whom I neglected in response to your comments on my blog. As adjustments are made and goals continue to be acknowledged and sought after, I will make every attempt to be with my poetry family.

My Thanks To You

                                                                                                                                 I accept this award

With much gratitude.

It would not be possible

If not for kind souls

Who saw something,

In words that I wrote.

Had it not been for you

This never would be.

And also to those

Who have taken time

To read, I’m saying

Thanks to you too.

Humbled I am

Promising Poets

For you are

Most generous.

Again I say

My Thanks To You

Thursday Poets Rally Week 44

Ear~ly Delight

Spoken words flow

Through my lips

Gentle in your ear,

They do delight

Your skin chills


Your smile is uncontained

As much as you try

To disguise your delight.

Surely you have heard this before

Somehow different this time,

You hear lovely, tender

Passion in these spoken words

Now tickling your ear~ly senses.

It has always been love

But really nice like this

Intimate without touch.

Yes, your ear~ly senses do delight

This is my entry to One Shot Wednesday over at One Stop Poetry

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My Experience Is–

Here I sit all in wonder, the past few weeks I’ve been waaaay down under.

Feeling better now not totally sure, what brought the change, to my door.

I received a message from a dear sweet friend, telling me to get it together I can’t pretend,

That I’ve not been myself to do and create, but Someone else who had taken a stake

And drove it deep within, my very being, causing such a stir I was not singing

Nor feeling very jolly, but stiff as a board to be used as a dolly,

To move objects, from here to there;  now that the cloud is gone and in the air,

Is the feeing of hope, and as I tried to cope,

I did my daily prayer, and wondered then, what I thought was unfair.

Why do these things happen to me? I give of myself totally free,

Of seeking in return a favor or two. That’s just me, and how I am through

And through, but still I wonder at times, and know to be true,

That coming from this I will be stronger and wiser. I will take this experience to use as a visor,

Because when the sun is bright I want to see, and use the visor—God’s gift to me.

This is my first poem posted publicly. I have no record of any poems I have written in the past…except for one. The others are lost.

This poem was first posted on my other blog on Blogger at Whatr U Workin On?

The original post date is June 23, 2010

I am linking this to Thursday Poets Rally Week 43

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